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Make face-to-face connection with over 350 targeted decision makers and influencers

As a sponsor partner at PHARMACONNECT 2020 conference, your sales team and your brand will be able to develop potential connections with a targeted group of C-level executives, head of supply chain processes, plant, sourcing and procurement heads, directors and managers from all the major pharmaceutical manufacturers, and tier I suppliers operating across India as well as logistics service providers, facilitators and solutions providers for the pharma supply chain. Maximise your visibility and highlight your ambitions for the development of India’s pharma supply chain and logistics sector at our highly targeted conference. We look forward to working with you to select the most suitable sponsorship package for your organisation.

Connecting you to the right people in an environment designed to enhance the relationship-building and deal-making. Sponsorship gives you access to the PHARMACONNECT audience through:

Face Time- Meet 350+ senior industry professionals; head of supply chain processes of leading pharma companies as well as logistics service providers, facilitators and solutions providers, at your booth, during sessions and roundtables.
Networking- Strike the conversation. Hobnob with people; host your own private luncheon, one-one meeting, and cocktail parties. Your prospects will get back to the office with your brand on their minds!
Branding- Have your brand featured on the main agenda, in emails, on our website, and throughout the event floor space.
Marketing- Showcase your solutions and run product demos to drive demand and seize the opportunity of converting the audience into perspective clients.

For any queries regarding sponsorship opportunities, reach out to:

Ajeet Kumar
Phone: +91 9810962016


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